Thursday, February 20, 2014


 "Jump under the black light at the disco that makes your dress glow"

Tiger Morse halter-topped green wool jersey dancing dress, short and swingy. Barest back crossed by an iridescent sequined T-strap that shines in the night. Earring by Chrystya Olenska for Hattie Carnegie

if the shoe fits ...

Paco Robanne fancifully looped foot ornament

Paraphernalia crisp and silky pink and white plaid overall dress, that under a black light turns glowing red and midnight blue - its straps anchored by rhinestone pins. Mr. John Headdress, Betty Milham bracelet.

"Switch yourself on under a black light"

Exotic leafings of pink and white swirling into fuchsia and blue under a black light. Long silk Donald Brooks dress drawn open over midriff and back - long scarf looped over the head. Betty Milham jewelry.

Jewels that come alive in the dark

"Fantasy fall of jet and luminous ivory necklaces caught up by pink and yellow primrose pins by Vendome."

Black light colliding with color ...

"Green plastic bands asymmetrically whipped round a baring shoe by Margaret Jerrold with white kidskin toe and medium - stacked leather heel.

Neon brightness exploding on fingertips, wrists 
... even your dancing toes.

"A siren green plastic bracelet by Betty Milham. Well-dipped nails, shouting "Pink!" - Pink 09 from the Ultima II Nail Make-up Collection by Revlon

Neon Wavelength
Harper's Bazaar April 1966
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi
Lighting Effects by Stroblite

... eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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