Monday, February 24, 2014


The New Jewel-Color Watch

The New Gestures 1978 - pulling on a hat, a glove, wrapping up in fur

New Twists

The way to straighten a seam ... the way a steel watch turns up unexpectedly - Rolex Stainless datejust. Angela Cummings sapphire and gold rings, star of diamonds on silk cord.

A Timely Gesture

All in Good Time - Piaget's dual-time zone watch

Calvin Klein
Carrera Porsche Design Shades

Less Dress - More Body

A smidgen of a strapless arrow-narrow black dress by Angelo Tarlazzi

She Shoots

New Versions of the Best Tops: velvet shawl-collared dressing gown jacket wrapped over pleated trousers

She Scores

The new cleaness of a bare "T-shirt" in crepe-back satin over a deeply slit straight black wool skirt. Vogue Pattern by Yves Saint Laurent.

New Ways To Go Out At Night

The Best Dancing look In Town: All-out body-dressing ... a slip-of-a-dress in black crepe-back satin, hip-wrapped with a shot of color.

Below: Calvin Klein's shawl-collared wrap dress over his narrow black silk charmeuse pants.

The End

Present Perfect
The Movers and Shapers
Vogue patterns:The Excitement at Night
Albert Watson
Andrea Blanch

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