Thursday, January 16, 2014


David Bailey
The Golden Kid Leather Shoe: Walter Steiger for Bally

Ronald Traeger

Silver Spacesuit - Harriet, Gregory Place
Spun Gold with a twist - Femme

The Boss Look

Square root of the 'Boss look'... simple geometry

The shortest-ever crepe with long silk sleeves or a checkerboard skirt both by John Bates

Night Time - New Tempo

Swirling whirling circles of silk - Stylized Flowers on a divided long dress from Wallis Shops

Cut-Outs of Rayon Jersey, simple and slinky, sleeved dress by Angela Sharp

Looks With New Sparkle

Shiny Black Slipper Satin Dress - Simply Nothing, surrounded by diamonte by Foale and Tuffin

Flowering Blonde Stocking by Echo
Kid shoe by Giusti for Bally

Ultimate GO-GO Boot

Electric Footwork ... star-studded boots made of blue stretch Helenca, studded with blue pearls and sequins by Ferragamo. Pale blue diamond-patterned stockings by Echo

Underneath it All
Great Snakeskin Undercurrents. Snakeskin patterned lycra, supple and cut like a swimsuit by Warner's

Vogue UK November 1968
Photography: David Bailey
Photography: Ronald Traeger

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