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A pony cart ride at Howth Castle

" According to Howth Castle legend, Grace O'Malley, a pirate queen in the days of Elizabeth I, was refused haven. In rage, Grace captured the son of Lord Howth and held him hostage till she was promised shelter forever for herself and her descendants. To this day, a place is set for her at the table."

Philosopher's Stone - Van Morrison

"Miss Trudy Hunt and her brother, John, with their friend, Miss Alex Mitchell, befriend a statue of Charles II that stands outside the home of their father, Mr. John Hunt, art historian and the curator of Bunratty Castle."

"Within the walls of Bunratty Castle, a young lady sits reading, perhaps the story of Deirdre, before retiring for the night."

The Celtic Cast of Beauty

Nives Egan and her sister, Colette, in a window of Dublin's Brazen Head Hotel built in the eleventh century.

The Lobster Fisheries of Kinsale

The Sisters of Charity of Chapelzod-Knock Maroon

"The sisters keep a school for children in a wonderful dormered country home given them by Sir Arthur Guinness."

Impeccably dressed weaver
Thomas Elliott and Sons, Dublin

Glimpses of Ireland

Home of Donegal Tweeds

The Irish Derby at Curragh

The Irish Artists

"Father Donal O'Sullivan, S.J., priest and scholar, tremendously influential chairman of the Arts Council of Dublin whose own enthusiasm has found answering enthusiasm in the galleries and museums of this country."

Here, he shares a cup of tea with (lower left) artist Patrick Scott, sculptress Hillary Heron, Artist Anne Yeats, and actor-playwright Sam Johnson.

Cape and Country
Sybil Connolly

Rough and comely tweeds and wolfhounds set, as becomes them, in Ireland.

Phoenix Park near Dublin

"Where for a small consideration cows are allowed to graze its great space."

The rainy streets of Dublin, tweeds in smart company with Irish pipers, the Emerald Girls' Pipe Band.

The Look Of The Irish

Saul Leiter
1923 - 2013

The Look Of The IRISH
Harper's Bazaar 1963
Photography: Saul Leiter
Saul Leiter's photograph by Melvin Sokolsky

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