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Halston Evening Turban

Born Lesley Horny, to a carpenter and a Woolworth’s counter girl, the world’s first supermodel began modeling at the age of fifteen in and around London during the ‘Swinging Sixties.’ 

Chester Weinberg

Victor Joris for Cuddlecoat

A budding teenager, Leslie Hornby’s skinny gamine figure garnered her the nickname “Twigs” and, innocently enough, her whippet-thin look quickly took hold as the iconic “London look” forever associated with the emergence of London’s British fashion invasion of North America.

Jumpsuit-boots custom Ashley & Abel & Golo


Stanley Herman for Mr. Mort

Anne Fogarty

Accompanied by her boyfriend-hairdresser-manager Justin de Villeneuve, the duo set forth on a meteoric rise to fame that saw “Twiggy,” as she was to become known, grace the covers of fashion and teen magazines across the continent and overseas.

Gunther Jaeckel

Her boyish figure and Sassoon ‘boy-do’ - combined with huge doe-eyes framed by painted lashes that became known as ‘twiggies’, was the look that all young women on these shores aspired to.

Harold Levine

Geoffrey Beene

Anne Fogarty

Harold Levine

Moe Nathan

Mary Quant ruled British Fashion at the heart of Swinging London – a catch-all term for the fashion and cultural scene of the mid-sixties, and her   minis, lacy pantyhose, ribbed knits and androgynous pantsuits made magic when presented on Twiggy’s perfect androgynous form.

Roberto Rojas

She was incredibly thin – in a healthy way, amazingly young, wonderfully fresh-faced, with a great sense of humor and a cockney accent that added to an enigmatic character that North American girls on both shores could only wish to emulate.

She was perfect for the times ...

The Daring Young Romantics
Taking The World By Charm
Vogue August 1967
Photography: Richard Avedon

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