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Yves Saint Laurent at Home in Marrakech

"Young, handsome, intense, with his own marvelous way of looking and dressing, Yves Saint Laurent is probably the activist of the French Couture - he understands how young people feel, knows how they want to look."

- Yves Saint Laurent in his laced, collarless pullover of tobacco glove leather with corduroy jeans from his first ready-to-wear collection.

Vogue July 1969

I was sixteen in '69 and not in a position to wear Saint Laurent. However - as a young fashionista during the mod era, and one fortunate enough to have been born into a successful ladies retail business, I was well aware of his importance to all things wonderful in the realm of the (fashion) senses.

He maintained his 'Boy Wonder' title, while others of equal import fell to the wayside, and remained the most applauded creative designer to hold court on the fashion scene, as well as the mise-en-scene, and well beyond the revolutionary fashion era of the sixties.

We Salute Him

Yves is shown in Marrakech, on a balcony overhanging the inner courtyard of his house - called El Haunch, "the serpent" - which he had owned since 1967 in the ancient medina, the native quarter. There he spent three months of every year preparing his collections, and the month of August relaxing.

- Pale pink gaberdine suit with flap pockets, flowered cotton shirt and brown leather belt from his first ready-to-wear collection for men.

Vogue July 1969

Yves wears a white gaberdine version of the pink suit, above, The shirt is black cotton voile and the printed scarf in Abraham crepe de chine.

Yves Other Eden 
Saint Laurent In Marrakech
Vogue July 1969
Photography: Patrick Lichfield

Yves Saint Laurent
Once A Great Beauty

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