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Harper's Bazaar April, 1965 - Richard Avedon Special Issue

a funky space reincarnation
Marvin Gaye

What’s Happening?

Op and Top Fashion

Harper’s Bazaar
April 1965

Richard Avedon is celebrating twenty years with Bazaar and is the sole photographer for this issue. In October, 2005, the cover placed #15 on a list of the greatest magazine covers of the past 40 years by the American Society of Magazine Editors at The 2005 American Magazine Conference in Puerto Rico. It also won the New York Director’s Club Medal and remains an iconic symbol of the sixties.

The beauty of Jean Shrimpton and Donyale Luna rest inside the pages along with portraits of a young Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Bob Dylan. From the art world, Avedon photographs Henry Geldzahler, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Raushenberg, and Alex Hay. There's artwork from experimental filmmaker, Stan Vanderbeek, and the issue includes George Segal’s,"Woman Washing Her Feet". The literary talents are listed below in the Editor's Guestbook.

This issue, guest edited by Richard Avedon, is a partial passport to the off-beat side of Now

A Cursory Glossary to its in-most Lingo: the glossary explains all the new colloquialisms on several pages highlighted with a Pop Art Fantasy created by Roy Lichtenstein.

Editor’s Guest Book: Guest Editor and photographer Richard Avedon…Writings by Lane Dunlop and Ree Dragonette…Alfred Duhrssen and Marvin Cohen…Tom Wolfe…Renata Adler…George Moorse…George Segal…Dr. Gerald Oster…Bob Bishop…Stan Vanderbeek…Roy Lichtenstein…Nicky Haslam

Art - Fashion - Personalities:

The Galactic Beauty to the Rescue: Jean Shrimpton in Bill Blass…

Op and Pop Fashions: more Shrimpton in designs from Julian Tomchin…Townley…Stripes by Young Elegant

Testing The Pull of Gravity: Lunar legs by Herbert Levine…

Paul McCartney – A Man of the Moment photographed by Avedon

What’s Happening: Courréges goes modern

Moon Magnetics: Denzinger illustrates over Avedon’s photographs to create a ‘moon painting’ displaying fashions from B.H. Wragge, Geoffrey Beene…

Shrimpton as the earth girl relaxes by the Sea of Tranquility in a Parisian Maid nightdress. Galactic Girl in the Sun: Shrimpton as the Galactic Girl in a look-of-the-future jumpsuit by Loomtogs and a knit after-swim suit by Bess Art…The Galactic Girl on the Moon: in a quilted white nylon sailing jacket by White Stag…and madly wonderful in a black waterproof sailing suit and parka by Ernst Engel…

Night Birds: Avedon photographs fashions mid-air - blue and yellow printed long culotte dress from Serendipity 3 pink silk gauze jumpsuit from Simonetta…China Machado in Galitzine’s silken fantasy pajamas…Valentino’s voluminous paisley-patterned crepe pajamas veiled in matching chiffon

What’s Happening:
“Shrimp” the “Mod” model. This bird is what’s happening

Fruggin’ The Fat Away – at Trude Heller’s: Pamela Tiffin star of Stan Vanderbeck’s first feature film, “A Dam Rib Bed” and a pop-short, “His-Hers” he is writing especially for her; Monti Rock III, the hairdresser.

Luna in Galanos: Donyale Luna wears James Galanos - four fiercely fabulous pages of Luna

The ‘moire’ art of Dr. Oster: optical illusions grace Donyale Luna in moiré fabric designs by Trigére and Bill Blass

Dali’s discovery Adil – yound faun and model for his latest painting, Hermes, combining pop and op art techniques, here in an imported maillot of rib-knitted cotton by Lydia de Roma

Night at Home: Night on the Town: in fashions by Emilio Pucci…Abe Schrader

Ringo – photographs by Avedon – more about the Avedon photo session with Ringo and other memories about photographing this issue can be found in, then assistant, Earl Steinbicker’s wonderful stories at the following link:

Keeping with the fashion… photographs by Avedon continue and the style of the photographs are art unto themselves.

Norell in Clear Focus: Norman Norell’s Kabuki dressand Norell’s molded suit…

Clear-cut Tailoring: from Courréges of Paris…Galitzine of Rome…Fourquet of Rome…Norell of New York…

Avedon photographs Gianni Agnelli’s wife, fashion icon Signora Marella Agnelli, in wildly patterned tights and shiny vinyl jacket and boots leaning on an Agostini sculpture

What’s About to Happen: “El Cid” – Lew Alcindor - honor student, team captain, is what’s about to happen in basketball. Photographed by Avedon

The Period Piece: pop art sculptor, Claes Oldenburg’s plaster bedroom sculpture reminiscent of the Forties highlights a white shift nightgown from Vanity Fair…Stephanie Farrow (Mia’s sister) in knickers trimmed with embroidery and lace by Gotham…


The Lunar Glow for the girl (galactic or not) by Estée Lauder, the lady astronaut’s best friend…

The fingernails in your future – (whether on Mars or Main Street, U.S.A.) chromotones from Faberge

The Mercury Blonde: Roux’s White Minx shade with silver patina on Jean Shrimpton, the young English bundle of fire who personifies what’s happening all over - caught by Avedon’s quicker than lightning camera.

The Death of the Diet – Donyale Luna and Veruschka in Rudi Gernreich…


Pariah Styles: The New Chic by Tom Wolfe

Two Poems by Lane Dunlop…”To a Girl, Asleep & Awake”…”Note on the Heart”

Will you Speak to Anyone Who Answers? By Renata Adler

Richard Avedon photographs full pages on Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Henry Geldzahler; artist Jasper Johns; Robert Raushenberg and colleague Alex Hay; and the teenager's troubadour, Bob Dylan

Extract from “Memoir of an Aged Child” by Alfred Duhrssen

George Segal: “Woman Washing Her Feet” a sculpture

“Cave and Galaxy” by Lee Dragonette

Extract from “The Contemporary Art of Temporary Life” by Marvin Cohen

Underground Filmmakers: Experimental filmmaker, Stan Vanderbeek made this original 2-page montage expressly for Harper’s Bazaar, using photographs of foremost film makers of Underground movies (the name he coined for the controversial new American film trend).

Live and Ad Lib: London – the new English rose is what’s happening in London, unselfconscious girls in their Sassoon monsoon-cuts and the Ad Lib is the club they are partying at – with Nureyev, Ringo, Bailey, Donovan

The Young Londoners: Richard Avedon’s observations on the “mod” scene in photographs

Lucy Bartlett, granddaughter of Lily Langtry, is photographed in navy wool crepe with three layers of white organdie by Gerald McCann…Jacquetta, Lady Eliot in white crepe by Tuffin and Foale…Tony Armstrong’s white linen sheath on Chrissie Shrimpton with Footprints singer Doug Gibbons…Caroline Charles’ black silk and white lace sheath on Jean Shrimpton focussing on Hugh Murphy…From Jane and Jane, long-sleeved white crepe dress on Chrissie Shrimpton next to Scottish folk singer Roddy Cameron…Jane and Jane’s batiste print dress trimmed in lace on model Christine Eastley with Adrian Ancora in velvet jacket and turtleneck…Gerald McCann’s vanilla trousers and eggplant crepe top on model Rocky Sands with singer Bobby Jameson and the creators of the “London Scene” Jane and Julian Ormsby Gore wear the “London Look” from Biba…Moya of Top Gear…Avantgarde and finds from Portabello Road…Sarah Lownds wears Teal Traina

Cooking Bazaar: Recipes from Mom – Mike Nichols…Susan Sontag…Beni Montresor…Michael O’Sullivan…Murry Schisgal…Aram Saroyan

Ads: Jean Shrimpton for Revlon “The Worldly Young Innocents”…Camilla Sparv for Revlon “Touch & Glow”…Galanos…Kislav…Jantzen…Tilly Tizzani in the Boca Raton suit for Hart Schaffner & Marx…Dancecraft lockets…Coty Cremesticks…Revillon…Hanes…

250 pages by special order


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