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paula yates
suicide blonde

inxs elegantly wasted

Andy Warhol called Rock Stars in Their Underpants "the greatest work of art in the last decade" upon its release in 1980.

May 1980
photograph Michael Montfort

angelic upstarts
"The latest in Skinhead style underpants which look much the same as everyone else's but with crew cuts like that all over the place probably feel rather prickly."

Photograph by Tom Sheehan

SIR bob geldof

Bob is seen on his way to see Liberace's show in Las Vegas. He's obviously checking to see if he's wearing suitable pants for the occasion. The dim white light in the background is a cop car having a kip outside that hot bed of iniquity, the Flamingo Hilton.

daddy dearest?

lemmy taylor

godley  creme

steve jones
the professionals
Photograph Brad Elterman

amanda lear
amanda lear's knickers and their contents have been the topic of so much speculation that i hardly know what to say but i think the pictures speak for themselves.

david lee roth
Rumour has it that on tour David's roadies risk a hernia every night setting up his full length mirror in the dressing room. Rumour also has it that David then does ballet exercises in front of the mirror, pouting and flinging his hair around while on points. He also has a wind machine to blow his wall-to-wall fitted pubic hair in the right direction and a gym mat to roll on.

Photograph by Neil Zlozower

ted nugent

demonstrating a heavy metal star wearing a pair of obviously high decibel Y-fronts and vest

                          jools holland

                            phil lynott
                            thin lizzy

                              the knack
                           their road crew

rick parfitt
Staus Quo
3 chord undies

frank zappa

Frank is seen here after a visit to the well known Chelsea Flower Show. As a safety precaution against snake bites, Frank has kept his socks on, This is something most rock stars seem to do, mainly in case an innocent bystander passes out from the aroma which comes from wearing the same pair until they have rigor mortis.

photograph by Claude Van Heye

chrissie hynde
panties - marks and spencer

richard jobson
a very strapping young up-and-coming pop star
his interests:getting his picture taken,
spraying on hairspray till his quiff is solid

proud cock rod stewart
undies - fiorucci
photograph david steen

badass elton john
doing a quick warm-up while perusing his album sleeves.
photograph joseph stevens

rolling stones

paul mccartney
photograph linda mccartney

david bowie
photograph chuck pulin

angus young

debbie harry
photograph frances newman

these underpants were sent to me by a waitress in memphis who claimed they had belonged originally to elvis presley

paula yates
once a great beauty

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