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April 1962

The Three Graces – Of You

Photography Saul Leiter

A lovely face

an elegant strength

the graceful gesture


Lillian  Bassman   Louis Faurer   Donald Hunstein   Frank Horvat   Tom Kublin   Saul Leiter
Melvin Sokolsky


Luciana Roselli

Photography Saul Leiter

The Young Perfectionist Visits The Virgin Islands Island fashions for day and night in white

Water-lily whites sheer sleep culottes the white sleep shift demitasse slip fitted gown

Dior Soft Paris Nights

Paris Nights


Photography Tom Kublin
 Dessès Lanvin-Castillo Grès Patou

Mainbocher Evenings

Givenchy The Princess Coat The Center-fold Skirt

Balenciaga The Bigger-topped Suit The Bias Coat Dress

The Great Belt

The Return of the Shawl

The Dress and Shawl in Jersey The Romantic Shawl Romantic Revival Shawls

Dresses and suits

Galanos Norman Norell Davidow Harry Frechtel Rivero y Mojena

False and Fabulous

Photography Melvin Sokolsky

Ropes of Pearls Daytime Pearls Evening Pearls

The Prettiest Raincoats

Peck and Peck Lawrence of London Capel Aquascutum Sherbrooke

Flying in the Airweight Coats and Suits
Photography Saul Leiter

Well Knit Spring The Ensemble Look

Photography Saul Leiter

Whimsy From Italian Boutiques

Italian Couture for the Teen Years Wanda Roveda of Milan

Lingerie Dresses for Little Ones


How to become a Natural Beauty The Vitality Diet for the Life You Live

A view of the American Cars

A Photographic Essay by Donald Hunstein

Worth of Rue de la Paix

Aubrey Beardsley Olive Velvet ornamented with cut steel in backgammon points

America’s distinguished poet Marianne Moore sets down her impressions of the fourty-five intricate and glamorous constructions from Charles Frederick Worth the founder of the French Haute Couture to be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

Theodore Roethke

“Three Love Poems”

Alain Robbe-Grillet

His views on the art of the cinema and a scene from his first film script “Last Year at Marienbad.”

Mary H. Caldwalader

“The Osmic Urge.”

Claire Nicolas White

“Defense of Stinginess.”

William Weaver

“Music Tour of Europe.”

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