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For Gala


45 Pages of



November 1962


Melvin Sokolsky


William Claxton

William Claxton “The Silent Thrillers” – Claxton stages and photographs today’s thrillers inspired by the originals at the Movieland Wax Museum.

 Robert Frank
Robert Frank photographs Edgar Varèse and Willem de Kooning on four pages

Mink and Seal: Fur Fashions for the Country. Photography by Hiro

Saul Leiter

Richard Avedon
Louis Faurer



Katherina Denzinger


Cyril Connolly – “Covetousness”

Maria Dermoût – “The Bracelet”

Anthony Storr – “What is Psychological Maturity?”

Emmanuel Mounier, French Catholic intellectual – founder of the journal Esprit writes the text that accompanies Andy Warhol’s illustrations for “Deus ex Machina"

Melvin Sokolsky (American, 1933)

Great Exaggerations:

Classic Sokolsky studio images with the models in high-fashion against an oyster-hued backdrop

“Every summer, my father used to take a picture of us, he says. We would go out to a place called Spring Valley. He had a box camera, and took pictures of me, my brother and my mother. Those pictures went into an album every year, and Sokolsky remembers, at age 14, something occurred to me. The pictures from year to year somehow looked different. I realized that something was happening between the manufacturing of the film and the processing at the drugstore that was making the images look different. There was a marked difference between those taken when I was six until the time I was 12."

He concluded that the manufacturer was constantly changing the film, which he called ‘The emulsion of the day,’ and this opened up many ideas for him.

Most important on the agenda was to develop a personal palette and vision. Sokolsky had no formal training in photography, but was spurred on by his creative eye and the passion he developed for the medium. He began experimenting with photography in a determined and personal manner.

From: The Imagined Spaces of Melvin Sokolsky

By Lynne Eodice
Double Exposure Cover Archives
Oct 1, 2008 A Separate Reality


Melvin Sokolsky photographs evening costumes by Christian Dior – New York, Galanos, Jane Derby, Sarmi, Norman Norell, Scassi, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Gustave Tassell, Herbert Sondheim, Pattullo- Jo Copeland, Monte-Sano and Pruzan

Coiffures for evening fashions by Mr. Enny of Enny of Italy Salon, New York; Alexander of Paris

Nightfall: The Opulent Ensemble…Fine Lines from Werle; Jean Louis; Helen Rose. Photograhy by Louis Faurer

Robert Frank photographs Edgar Varèse and Willem de Kooning on four pages

Deux Ex Machina – Andrew Warhol and Emmanuel Mounier… commissioned by Harper’s Bazaar to make a visual comment on the phenomenon of the American motorcar, Andy Warhol, continuing his experimentation in “commonism, “ or the art of giving the familiar a supra-familiarity.


Diane Arbus

Thank Heaven For Little Girls...

Great Exaggerations for Gala Evenings
Harper's Bazaar November 1962

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