Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeanloup Sieff

On June 30, 2010, Christie’s held at auction

Jeanloup Sieff Photographies, Collection Gert Elfering

Derrière Anglais, Paris, 1969

English Derriere

Realized - 27,4000 EUR

128% above estimate

Jeanloup Sieff

Corset, New York 1962

Realized at auction 18,750 EUR

Yves Saint Laurent, Paris, 1971

JEANLOUP SIEFF (1933-2000)

A gentleman is seen taking a photograph in front of a photograph of New York high-rises juxtaposed with a wall of photographs and a photograph of a model wearing new fall fashion 1962

Orange Smash

Jeanloup Sieff

Harper’s Bazaar August, 1962

Harper’s Bazaar

August 1962





to Wear

to See

to Do

to Read

to Know


Gleb Derujinsky

Martin Munkácsi

Tom Kublin

Jeanloup Sieff

Melvin Sokolsky

Frank Horvat

Saul Leiter



Katherina Denzinger

Tomi Ungerer

Martin Munkácsi

Richard Avedon on Munkácsi, "He brought a taste for happiness and honesty and a love of women to what was, before him, a joyless, loveless, lying art. Today the world of what is called fashion is peopled with Munkácsi's babies, his heirs.... The art of Munkácsi lay in what he wanted life to be, and he wanted it to be splendid. And it was."

Melvin Sokolsky

Young Americans in photographs by Frank Horvat

Ed McCurdy… Elizabeth Ashley… Antoinette Perry… Orson Bean… Jason Robards, Jr…. Sally Kirkland… Joseph Heller… Martin Gabel… Mary Cushing… Joseph Papp… hairdresser Monti… John Chamberlain… Father Roman O.S.B. … A geometric painter (Andy Warhol) with sculptor John Chamberlain.

From the Editor’s Guest Book

Bob Hope picks up an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters at Georgetown University for his indefatigable efforts to visit and cheer on lonely service camps in the farthest outposts of the globe

Arthur M. Young, inventor and developer of the Bell Helicopter, head of the Foundation for the study of Consciousness in Philadelphia, is the author of “Up with Search”


Edward Albee’s new play – Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf? will be performed by the Actor’s Studio Theatre next season – Albee is working on an adaptation of Carson McCullers’ Ballad of the Sad Café

Ad man from Pennsylvania, graduate of Columbia University, Alan Koehler is a copywriter for a large Fifth Avenue advertising agency. Inside is his The Madison Avenue Cookbook, “for people who can’t cook and don’t want other people to know it” Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer

Marianne Houser’s ninth story to appear in Harper’s Bazaar since 1944, “Allons Enfants”

Sparks and Kingdoms of Heaven, two poems by Denise Leverton, poet of the Avante-Garde. Denise Leverton photographed by Kay Harris

Classic Ads:
The 'ski-pant' was a mainstay of the 60's. Stirrups attached to the hem of these stretch pants - a s seen here on Wilhelmina - assured a clean line and a tight fit

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