Saturday, October 31, 2015


The shoulder takes a curve
the long fitted body sweep, the typoical Dior box-pleated skirt.
bonnet - hattie carnegie
simulated pearls by miriam haskell
photo louise dahl-wolfe

thin white rayon dress by clare potter

the coolest dress in the world is chiffon by Ceil Chapman
coro simulated pearls
jerro sandals

Maud et Nano's "nursery maid" hat, a white Milan straw cloche, with crown and streamers of gray and white polka-dotted crepe.

black straw cloche, the short brim hung with lilacs to give the look of a wig of flowers.
made to order bergdorf goodman

"the dream" balthus

principessa helen wolkonsky

donna marella caracciolo dei Principi di castagneto

roman women are beautiful
photographs leslie gill

veronica lake

Oval shoulders, like those of an exquisite ming princess, trace a new line in Castillo's long, close coat of dark satin. It is worn by Veronica Lake, soon to star in Paramount's "Saigon".

Photograph Richard Avedon
Harper's Bazaar July 1947

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