Monday, May 18, 2015


White satin, brown velvet, and sparkling jet by Branell
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

Black jersey shirtdress by Oscar de la Renta
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

Pearl grey through sky blue empire knit shirtdress by Leslie Fay
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale  

Palest pale grey suede by Viola for Samuel Robert.
Coiffure by Kenneth Battale

The New York Collections
Vogue September 1969
Photography: Irving Penn

Grey Knit, white buttons by Leslie Fay

Top - Polo-shirt dress by Elle Couture
Below - Panel-front knit by Belfa of Geneva

Wool knit by Rona

Wool knit by Cadillac

Avagolf wool knit dress
Top - White knit, brown knit, by Sylvia de Gay 

Dress and coat, black and white, by Betty Carol for Mam'selle.

Black and bared halter neck knit by Howard Lawrence for Dalton

Knits Now and Forever
Vogue June 1968
Coiffures: Hugh Harrison
Photography: Gianni Penati

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