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The Crystalline Blonde

Blondeness as a goddess might wear it sitting in a nightclub. The Hair - moonlit, the color pale and cool, luminous as crystal, with a fine cabochon finish. Called "Champagne Beige" by Clairol. The silk dress by Galanos. Van Cleef & Arpels diamonds.

Tapered Bangs

On Suzy Parker, planned for a young face and a beautiful evening. Bangs are curved over one brow in loose and artful wisps, almost as long as a pony's bangs. The rest of the hair is combed back and turned softly under at the nape of the neck. Hair by John Bernard Haute Coiffure. Sequined dress by Traina-Norell.

The Amber Blonde

A warmhearted kind of gold, flickering out amber rays by nightlight, as radiant as the midnight sun. Roux's "Golden Blonde." Flowering chiffon dress by Galanos. Diamonds and gold bibelots by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Head in a Cloud

A new kind of evening dress for the hair - an arrangement of large, free-form waves that form a floating cloud around the face. By Guy of Madison Avenue.

Suzy Parker in Patou

Silvery gray Hurel Satin long supple dress blousing at the back low at the waistline marked with a bow. Another bow perches at the decolletage. Earrings by Miriam Haskell.

Guy Laroche

Carmen Dell'Orefice in Pink roses brocaded on turquoise silk 


Carmen wears a short bouffant evening dress in Staron's long-stemmed lilies cut in velvet on a silk satin background.


Carmen Dell-Orefice steps out in wind-swept chiffon closely fitting the waist, crushing the front of the skirt from the knee to the ankle, then set afloat at the sides and in back.

The Crystalline Blonde
The Amber Blonde
Paris Lights Up
Harper's Bazaar October 1957
Photography: Richard Avedon

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