Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Magic Coldplay

Fitting tune for one of rock history's greatest love stories ... John Lennon found magic in Yoko Ono at the peak of the Beatle's fame. She offered him some special magic that he found comfort in that no other pleasure quite matched. Who's to say?

Against all odds, Yoko Ono appeared and he "got it" - a sensibility that resonated such that he packed up his life as he knew it and transferred all he was to share himself with a devotion that changed the history of the greatest rock ensemble of all time.

He was steadfast in his love for this woman

He wrote about it ... 

he sketched it ...

He lived it

Avant Garde #11
Wedded Bliss
A Portfolio 
Of Erotic 
Lithographs By
John Lennon

... eyes on the seventies at devodotcom

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