Monday, June 4, 2012


The Gleam of Success
Satin Trench - Edward Abbott

There is nothing like a trench for tying together a look. Day or evening, 50's through today, the trench continues to take its place as a wardrobe mainstay. 

The Gala Gold Costume
Samuel Winston - Emme Hat

Never out of fashion - slim straight skirt and cropped top

Taupe brocade and Russian Sable
Jablow - Hat by Emme

The Succcess
Gold Brocade Trench - Junior Sophisticates

Total Success: The White Costume
Talmack - Hat by Emme

The Coat That Makes a Costume
Wool Ottoman Lined With Mink
Monte-Sano & Pruzan

Cinnamon Wool Lined in Black Satin by George Carmel  
Dress by Harvey Berin - Jewels by Harry Winston
Handbag - Nettie Rosenstein

Brown and Gold Brocade by Nettie Rosenstein

Another shape from the 50's - full and lightweight often tapered at the hemline

Black Silk Brocade lined in White Satin  
Ben Zuckerman - Hat by Emme
Giant Pin - Eisenberg 

Banled Blaze
Silk-light Wool Crepe by Maurice Retner
Jewels - Schlumberger of Tiffany

Lacy wool Coup-sleeved jacket by Monte-Sano & Pruzan
Pearls - Judith McCann
Hat by Sally Victor

A Gres original in Butterscotch-suede and thickly-knitted wool

 Fur On The Double
Beige Brazilian River Otter lined in Snow Leopard from India by Ben Kahn

From Givenchy - bright pink ottoman tied above the waistline worn over a simple black silk-chiffon dress - Illustration Herve Dubly

Brown silk-satin lined with white satin, collared with natural dark ranch mink. The sheath underneath - white satin bodice, brown satin skirt. Costume by Larry Aldrich

Fashions in Vogue October 1959

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