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 "In the mythology of America, one of the most patently absurd beliefs is that the automobile, the No. 1 national status symbol for many men, has lately adjusted to the woman, who used to rank in first place herself but has slipped to third."

 "The thinking man's No.2 symbol nowadays, of course, is a good accountant, who if he's really good, can arrange things so you can buy your wife a new fur coat, which may persuade her to try to get by for one more year with her old car ...

... especially if it's at least a Mercedes."
E.J. Kahn. Jr.

Cars may have adjusted to women - as what hasn't - over their years of development, but we think it has worked two ways.

Women, who have become about as adjustable as anything over their years of development, have met cars half way ...

...and they've driven off, happily, together.
The Good Companionship, Vogue November 1962

"Have Cars Adjusted to Women?" 
E.J. Kahn, Jr.
The Good Companion
Vogue November 1962
Photography: Gene Laurents

The American Automobile
Once a Great Beauty

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