Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Horsehair beehive by Madame Gres
Marc Koven rings

"Time to change your thinking about eye make-up

To model your eyes on the Siamese cat's: long and tip-tilted.

To stroke on brighter, more intensely hued shadow and to use it lavishly from the center of the lid out to the brow, with a feline darkening at the outer corners. (And possibly to fill in the rest of the eyelid with dead white or silver.)

To change to jewel-coloured mascaras: emerald greens, deep blues and amethyst purples.

To make sweeping, clearly defined wings - like Japanese calligraphy - of your brows.

...and if you haven't changed your hairdo, the new hat will make it practically mandatory. Hair should be short and ruffly, with a few strands escaping over the brow as if by chance."

What's Under The Hat?
Harper's Bazaar May 1958
Photography: Richard Avedon

... eyes on the fifties at devodotcom

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