Saturday, September 20, 2014




1/2 big sweet onion ... visalia, walla walla, spanish sweet, chopped fine

Kalamata pitted black olives ... a generous half a cup, chopped 

Sun dried tomatoes ... 2 - 3 heaping tablespoons chopped with oil

Cherry tomatoes ... a cup or two sliced in half

Fresh parsley or basil chopped

Left over brie or similar stale soft cheese you have in the fridge

Cream, Half & half, milk - whatever your comfort zone 

Sea Salt - Kosher salt - Black pepper - red pepper flakes ... throw in whatever speaks to you

Dregs of your wine bottles - white or red

Barilla or De Cecco Rotini or Fusilli

Start Cookin'

Boil lots and lots of water for pasta 

Start nicely choppin' onion, olives,tomatoes fresh parsley or basil (if you have it - non neccessary)

Add XOlive oil to large skillet until medium hotish and ...

Throw in veggies - save greens for last

Turn down to medium/low heat until softened and ready to roll 3-4min

Meanwhile salt water and throw pasta in boling water

Pour some cream (1 cupish) into limp veggies to stir it up (chicken broth for chickens)

Add whatever brie or other soft cheese is hanging around, play with low to medium heat to melt cheese and blend veggies covering  for a nice sweat shop atmosphere - watch occasionally

Add whatever wine is hanging around to boost the flavour

Grind in some black pepper or red pepper flakes or both and sprinkle with course sea salt

Pasta should be ready - drain it and reserve 1/2 cup water from the cooked pasta to pour into sauce.

Do that

Add minced parsley or basil and splash of olive oil

Added Touch

Crumble in some Macedonian feta cheese if you have it on hand.

Stir things up ...

Done like dinner

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