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Harper's Bazaar April 1946. The Embiricos Shipping Dynasty Warts and All

Harper’s Bazaar
April 1946
Cover: Kodachrome by Ernest Beadle
Editor: Carmel Snow
Art Directors: Alexey Brodovitch; Lillian Bassman
Fashion Editors: Diana Vreeland; Nicolas de Gunzburg…
Photography: Richard Avedon; Leslie Gill; Brassai; Louise Dahl Wolfe; Engstead; Landshoff; Ronny Jaques
Kodachromes: Genevieve Naylor; Richard Avedon
Illustrations: S.Johns

Leslie Gill photographs The New Spirit in Beauty:

Bazaar’s Beauty Editor, Dorothy Hay Thompson, on the fashion in beauty

Richard Avedon photographs Mrs. Andre Embiricos, wife of Greek shipping magnate, Andre Embiricos.

The Embiricos family has a long history of news-worthiness apart from the Embiricos’ women appearing on the pages of fashion magazines and society pages.
A gentleman motor racer, Andre Maris Embericos was known for his appreciation of fine automobiles and commissioned many. The Embericos Bentley, as it became known, was the fastest and most stylish saloon car in pre-war Britain.

In 1941, the very married 32-year-old Nicholas Embiricos, and his guest Eleanor Young, the ex-Mrs. Robert Ogden Bacon, Jr. (and ex-Manhattan Glamour girl known as “Cookie”) left Newport R.I. bound for New York after a holiday weekend at her family summer estate. Nicholas had recently left behind his wife and young son in Palm Beach and was in full pursuit of glamour girl Eleanor. Having cancelled the trip a day due to bad weather, they were impatient to visit friends in New York and took –off in less than ideal conditions. Amateur pilot Embiricos, in a mishap eerily similar to John Kennedy Jr.’s tragic plane crash, ran into trouble when a pea-soup fog embraced the Atlantic coast. Nicholas Embiricos had logged only 136 hours in the air. The plane was equipped with only basic instrumentation. Twelve miles down the coast, at Matunuck, a disoriented Nicolas Embiricos began circling madly. Finally he caught a break. He nosed down for a landing in a clear patch but a wave slapped the wings of his Fairchild 24 Monoplane and the plane flipped and crashed in shallow water. Both died. Mrs. Nicholas Embiricos came to own a plantation house on a vast property in the Bahamas.

Just a few years ago another scion of the Embiricos dynasty made a big ‘splash’ in the news. This time, however, the water being gay water sports. When the story broke in 2007, Andrew Embiricos, the twenty-one-year-old son of Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, and grandson of Hollywood legend, Rita Hayworth, had been posting videos of himself on XTube. Young Embiricos – a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad – posted himself under the screen name “Andrew Sauston.” He enjoyed his secret stardom in three homemade erotic videos of questionable taste and title before the gay press ‘outed’ him and the mainstream press had a field day with his lineage and questionable sexual practices. The videos have since been removed from XTube.
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Back to fashion in this issue:

After dark fashions…Black and white nights…The apron skirts, the barrel skirts…Cotton wears cotton…Five lines to Spring…The last word in print…London-Made for export only…The underlying story…the evening hemline…linen and lace…the theatre coat…the restaurant suit…young and easy fashions…accessories – a world of difference

Beauty: The Redhead is the Woman of the Year:
A Shorter Cut to beauty – the new shorter do for summer in photographs by Leslie Gill
Telltale Hands
The Tie Silk Bonnet
Primitive Combs from the collection of Julius Carlebach

The Nameless Hour by Albert Camus
Hollywood: Art Leo Lerman on the influence of fine art in the success of Hollywood producer Al Lewin’s films. Works by Max Ernst…Eugene Berman…Leonora Carrington…Dorothea Tanning are shown.
Mexico: Three photographs by Hoyningen-Huene from his book Mexican Heritage.
The Snake Pit: A story by Mary Jane Ward
Mysterious Kor, A story by Elizabeth Bowen
The Mad Women of Paris: From the play “ La Folle de Chaillot “– Marguerite Moreno and cast in photographs by Brassai
The Anatomy of Perfume by Dorothy Hay Thompson
Francis Henry Taylor by Howard Devree
Vodka: Za Vashe Zdorove!
Designers At Home: Fashion designers photographed in their salons at home - Jessica; Pauline Potter; Fira Benenson; Adrian; Valentina; Hattie Carnegie;

Ads: Joan Crawford for Maybelline…Jean Patchett for Seidenbach’s…Eisenberg Ice…Verté for Schiaparelli…George Platt Lynes for Henri Bendel…Adrian at Neiman Marcus…Revlon’s Bachelor’s Coronation 2-page ad…Kislav…Belle-Sharmeer…Adrian at Scruggs Vandervoort Barney…Pete Hawley illustration for Jantzen…Adrian at Best’s…Warner’s…Adrian at Filene’s…Gri Gri Parfums Weil Paris Co….

320 pages

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